0800 Toll Free Number

International presence with 0800 Number

What are the advantages to your company? We offer free toll-free numbers in over 100 countries. A +800 number can be used to cover multiple countries (up to 45) with one number.

0800 numbers can also be known as International Toll-Free Numbers (ITFN) These numbers can be used to connect callers to national numbers for free.

Intelligent routing is a custom-made forwarding service that ensures calls reach the destination they are intended. This speeds up processing. For example, you can forward a French number to a German destination number.

Your customers can have 24/7 access and the best service. Travel internationally is easier than ever.

0800 numbers in South Africa are “toll-free”, but the caller does not get a free call. This would mean that the caller must use a Telkom telephone line. Greg de Chateauneuf, chief technology officer at Satcom, examines the implications of the new 0800 number regulations for businesses.

New regulations were published in the Government Gazette (No. 24 March 2016, South Africa’s government published new regulations in the Government Gazette (No.

The new regulations require that toll-free numbers must be free of charge regardless of whether they are used by an electronic communication service. In this case, the regulation was effective on 24 September 2016.

De Chateauneuf states, “There are some pertinent issues that this new regulatory raises.” ”

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