212 Telephone Area Code

212 Telephone Area Code

The Eastern Time Zone is the location of the 212 area codes. The Eastern Time Zone is also known simply as America/New_York. The current time is 4:12 am as of the last load of this page.

What is the value of a phone number with an area code of 212? Evidently, this is what Elaine Louis-Dreyfus (Julia Louis -Dreyfus) understood it to be.

Eight years ago I wrote a blog entry that I did not expect to become popular. The title was “A cellphone with a 212 address”. It only took one paragraph. Google Analytics has shown that the post has brought more visitors to my site via search engines, than I anticipated, according to Google Analytics. In fact, three top 10 search terms contain variations of “212 Area Code.” This is surprising, since I’ve dedicated a lot to the Hispanic/Latin American market, and those keywords dominated my top 10.

Porting my number 212

I took advantage, just before I moved from Manhattan and Brooklyn to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), a policy that allowed me “port” my landline number (212) to my cell phone provider. Consumers today use “Local Number Portability”, to transfer numbers between phone companies so they remain the same number. According to Slate.com., about 20% of phone numbers are changed each year between different telecom carriers.

It was set up and friends asked me often, “How did you get that number?” How did you manage that?” If you live in Manhattan and have a legacy telephone number (212), you can ask your provider to transfer your home number to your cell phone number. (See more detailed steps below.) Brokers like 212AreaCode.com also sell 212 phone numbers for a flat fee of $125 up to $500. IP-based phone networks like Vonage could also allow for number portability. RingCentral.com also charges monthly fees for this specific service.

Does the “status emblem” of a number 212 make a difference in your call quality? According to The New York Times article, some people find that Manhattan’s code makes it easier to get their calls answered.

NYC Phone Numbers Proliferate – 212, 646 & now 332

212 Telephone Area Code For Business

New York City has become so populated with cell phones, that there is now an additional area code: 332. Each area code houses approximately 8,000,000 numbers. It took around 45 to use all 212 numbers. It took only 20 years to exhaust the inventory of 646 numbers, which is Manhattan’s other area codes.

When area codes were initially created, 212 covered all five boroughs. Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and eventually the Bronx adopted the “718” area code. Manhattan became the exclusive use of 212 in 1992. Today, 212 phone numbers are only available when customers give up their phones. The numbers may then be accessible through Time Warner, Verizon, and/or another service provider.

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