Are 13 Numbers Free In Australia

call 13 numbers from a landline

No. 13 numbers cannot be called for free.

Calls to 13 numbers from landlines within Australia will be charged at their local rates. It is usually a small, untimely charge.

A 13 number is considered a virtual number. It doesn’t have a physical address. A 13 number cannot make outgoing calls. A 13 number is a virtual number that can receive calls but cannot be transferred to any mobile phone or landline.

Is it possible to call 13 numbers from your mobile phone?

The rate that their mobile phone company determines for calls to 13 numbers will be charged to the caller.

About call 13 numbers from a landline

A higher rate is charged for calling from a mobile phone. This charge can vary between service providers.

Do I need to transfer my mobiles and landlines to the same provider if I get a 13-number?

13 numbers don’t have to be with the same provider as your other numbers. Zintel offers great rates and products. You don’t need to transfer any of your calling accounts. Zintel can help you find the perfect package for you by calling 1800 202 090


Toll-free numbers can be used wherever you are, without regard to where you live (unlike fixed phone lines). These numbers can be used to make inbound calls and direct them to a mobile or landline number. A call to a 13 number is received by the network. The caller is then searched for the appropriate routing strategy to match the toll-free number. There are many options for routing strategies that will decide where the call goes. Once the routing strategy has been established, the call will proceed to its destination. This happens instantly, so there is no delay for the caller.

Is it possible to dial my 13 number from overseas?

It is necessary to find out which countries have access to a 13 number in Australia. While it might work for certain countries, it might not for others. Callers who can call an Australian 13 number overseas will be charged according to their home network’s rates. You will need to dial the international code for your country. Next, dial the Australian code (61), then your 13 number.

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