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How to Call Belize from The USA

+501 refers to the International Telecommunication Union’s country-specific calling code for Belize. All of the country’s telephone numbers can also be identified under the National Numbering Plan of 2012, created by the Office of Telecommunication of the Government of Belize. Belize you may not believe it, but cheap calls to Belize can be made.

We’ll be revealing a quicker, cheaper, and more cost-effective solution in just a matter of seconds. You might start this conversation by reading “How to Call Belize”. This guide will help you navigate the complicated process of dialing international numbers. So let’s get to work and learn together.

These dialing instructions are required to call Belize directly from the US.

First, dial 011, US Exit Code.

Next dial the Belize Country Code 501.

Call the 7-digit area codes and the local numbers to dial a total number of 10.

EX: 011 + 551 + XXXX +XXXX


Belize’s fixed phone numbers include a single number (+501), a one-digit area code (70 digits), and a single line code (70 digits). The cost of calling the wrong country, area, or region code can prove costly. Look through our website to verify that the area and region codes are correct for your calls. Each region page provides a list and number listing of all the cities that are located in that particular state. Local times are also listed. So you don’t have to worry about calling too soon or too late.

Call Belize from The USA

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