Buy Private SMS Number

Buy Private SMS Number

Virtual number payments are made monthly. The subscription determines the renewal date. Please note that your number will expire 48 days after it expired.

Our mobile numbers get updated every day. You can also subscribe to our free Recieve Sms Service, or buy a Private Virtual Number.

After you purchase any private virtual phone number, the number will be added to your account. Once it is there, you can view all virtual number messages online. Inbound messages are saved for 30 calendar days. Once that time expires, they will be deleted. To integrate your Number into your own system, you may also use our Inbound API. Login to your account and view our SMSInbound API document for more information. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Virtual SMS Numbers

You can use a virtual SMS number to send messages to a purchased virtual number. Forwarding SMS messages to an email address is possible for most SMS numbers provided that it is not explicitly stated otherwise.

Telium offers many types of virtual numbers which can receive text messages. They can all be purchased from your personal account, once you’ve registered on

Voice+SMS virtual telephone number (mobile/landline) can receive calls and messages. Forwarding of calls is possible via SIP (telegram, phone number), and forwarding messages is possible via email, phone num, or HTTP.

Buy Private SMS Number For Number

You can purchase SMS numbers in the “SMS Numbers” section of your personal account.

Mobile for registration can be a virtual telephone number that is available on a monthly lease basis. It can receive messages just like a real SIM. You will receive all messages sent by a SIM with the “for registration†label once you have connected it.

For OTP verification, OTP receipt and verification via online platforms, web services or social media, a disposable number is available. A list of countries or services can be found after registration on Attention! A disposable number cannot ever be resold. For more information, click here.

We are offering the  Lets Dial wholesale VOIP virtual phone number in US area codes 260 area code, 262 area code, and many other areas. We are also specialized in different products like Prepaid Mall mobile top-up service. If you want to know about the Belize number, visit our blog the Belize number.

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