Congo Number

Congo Number

The Republic of the Congo is easily reached by using the Republic of the Congo Code 242. Republic of the Congo’s phone code 242 may be used. An area number can also be used.

Below is the Republic of the Congo region codes table. It shows the various area codes for the Republic of the Congo.

How can I dial a phone number

To call the Democratic Republic of the Congo from the United States, you’ll need the country code (+243).

Our database holds 14 numbers from 8 different locations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Time zone and other details

Local times can differ depending upon where you live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Below, is a table that shows the time for each time zone.

To call your contacts

Check that your number dials correctly.

Check your phone book to confirm that the number you are calling is correct.

Calls to the Democratic Republic of Congo

(+ sign) +243+ City Code + Local Number

Calls to Canada, USA, and the Caribbean

1 + Area Code + Local Number

Use the Dialpad to make international calls

To create a plus sign by pressing the + button, the network will be able to recognize that your international call is being made

Dial 244 + Code of the City + Local Area Number

To dial a US, Canada, or Caribbean number

Dial 1. + Area code + Local number

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