Sell My 416 Phone Number

Sell My 416 Phone Number

Toronto’s new area number was introduced in March. However, the old one continues to draw all the attention.

In 2006, the last batch with a 416 region code was distributed. The numbers became a hot item.

Websites that allow you the sell of phone numbers starting at 416, like . Vanity numbers like 416-808CHEF could go into the hundreds.

Georgios Papas said that he sold 416 websites for as much as.

Star spoke directly to Pappas. He said that his clients bought numbers because they sound familiar.

The 416 area codes were first introduced in 1947. It was elevated to a status symbol with the creation of the 905 zone codes in 1993, which were used for the GTA’s outer suburban areas.

416 Phone Number For business

Drake of Toronto has made “the 416 more visible by shouting out its area code in music and sporting a large 416 tattoo on his side.

To meet an increasing demand for telephone numbers in the United States, the 647 area numbers were created in 2001. More than 2 million 647 phone numbers are still being assigned.

The CRTC has set aside 387, 437, and 437 to be Toronto’s next region code in 2011.

437 is assigned to approximately 260,000 persons.

The 416 code lets people instantly know that you are a Torontonian. Metro News states that many people will pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to have a number associated with this code.

Companies need the 416 number to establish themselves to customers.

GeorgioPapas, a broker of 416 numbers, is his name. He searches the entire area to find creative numbers to be assigned to different wireless companies. Then, he’ll transfer them.

Get 416 Phone Number

Brown explained that it is possible to get a 437 phone number but it is very unlikely. The project manager also noted that the 416 numbers in the previous batch were all given to wireless operators in 2006.

Telus’ Chris Gerritsen stated that porting means people don’t give out their numbers as often. This means that customers are limited to 416 numbers if they have been assigned.

Gerritsen claimed that customers still call to request 416 numbers. However, Gerritsen said that they can only accommodate if one of the available numbers is on hand.

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